Crowd Science | Risk Analysis | Health & Safety

Crowd management is a vital factor that needs profound consideration. Large crowds are inevitable today as we move into an ever changing and dynamic leisure culture that continues to grow. Large crowds are a normal part of any event involving public or private venues. Therefore, crowd management and an informed understanding of crowd dynamics is essential to ensure that people are spread out evenly to avoid overcrowding. This in turn improves the customer experience and reduces time spent queuing.

There are many different schools of thought on crowd composition, categorisation, behaviour and demographics. How crowds are composed, how they may react under different situations/circumstances and how they should be defined.

We at Main Event Security consider crowd management as an integral part of the service that we offer to our clients. Main Event Security’s senior management team have many years of experience in the event industry backed up with leading qualifications which include Crowd Science, Risk analysis and Health and Safety.

Main Event Security offer an event analysis and consultancy service that includes working with the client from the early planning stages to help identify any potential problem areas of the event, we then work with you to establish a solution that fits into your event budget ensuring the event is as safe and enjoyable for all attending patrons and staff.


Our team will be able to assist with assessment of the risks arising from crowd movement and behaviour as they arrive, leave and move around the site, along with highlighting the hazards of crowds and knowledge of the use of barriers.