CP | Event Security

Main Event Security boasts a wealth of close protection experience including former members of the elite Royal Marines Commandos as well as various other British and European elite forces.

Assisted by our Surveillance operatives we can offer a service second to none combined with global mobility that gives Main Event Security a truly dynamic approach to close protection.

Rest assured that our thorough threat and vulnerability assessment will quantify the risk posed to the principle and thus allow us to operationally plan the safety, security and comfort throughout the principle’s schedule.


Main Event Security will liaise with the client regarding the needs, wants and expectations of the principal assessing the level of protection required. Our operatives are experts at operating either overtly or covertly to provide the most appropriate service possible.

Our surveillance operatives can ascertain and provide evidence by means of counter surveillance measures to any hostile surveillance towards the principal. This combined with the operational experience of our close protection operatives enables Main Event Security to provide all aspects of close protection, with previous operations including:

  • Executive protection
  • Celebrity protection
  • Maritime security
  • Witness protection


Rest assured that a Main Event Security residential security team will ensure the security and safety of that residence as well as its assets. We can also offer the meticulous vetting of any staff employed within the residence/estate, diligently performed by our Investigators.


Main Event Security can provide a stringent pre-employment vetting system which is fundamental requirement to those wishing to comply with the BS7858 (2012) providing peace of mind to the Principal/client that any staff employed do not pose a risk to the security, integrity and reputation of the Principal.


Main Event Operatives are an innovative and dynamic group of surveillance professionals offering a discreet service. Effective surveillance is a specialist profession. We will provide a professional range of specialist approaches in both Surveillance and Counter Surveillance. Our operatives offer a confidential service and a wealth of experience in handling many diverse scenarios and situations. We can offer covert or overt  urban, rural, mobile, foot, or aerial surveillance operations to suit your specific requirements. We are available to conduct surveillance assignments on your behalf, whether it is on a long or short term basis. Main Event Security can also help at short notice and provide experienced and qualified surveillance operators.


We offer remote-controlled unmanned aerial systems (drones) for the use of aerial photography and surveillance. Super HD aerial photography run by handheld remote control. Imagery that rivals that of full size helicopters. Specially designed with minimal vibration and pin-point accuracy, utilising cutting edge drone technology such as the latest generation of gimbal stabilisation systems. The aerial systems we use can fly high or low to capture an incredible range of landscape aerials and fantastic close-up images. We offer rapid deployment, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full size helicopter and with no environmental impact. All our pilots hold a full CAA* permission for aerial operations along with all necessary qualifications and insurance. Unlimited potential. From simple aerial photography, to 4K aerial cinematography, thermal imaging and surveillance applications. *Civil Aviation Authority.