5 First Aid Hacks for Door Supervisors

There’s more to being a door supervisor than just standing by the door and checking your identity. In this country, between protecting a place, security protocols and defusing conflicts and [...]

Why First Aid is Important in the Workplace

Although work is not a life or death scenario, it is a fact that accidents can happen anywhere, including in the workplace. And while you may think you’re safe enough in your Shoreditch [...]

How to Move up the Security Industry Ladder

Being a security guard is great, you have your SIA license and you enjoy your job by meeting interesting new people, even if it means that sometimes you have to tell these interesting new people [...]

Do Football Stewards Need SIA Training?

Football has unfortunately always been associated with violence. Violence in football was brought to the forefront recently when a spectator was able to run onto the pitch and escape the football [...]

How to Spot a Shoplifter

With Black Friday in about a week’s time, many stores are preparing for what is likely to be an extremely busy period. With this in mind, think of the security guards who work tirelessly to [...]

How Much Does an SIA Licence Cost?

A common question among those looking to work in security is how much does an AIS security license cost? The cost of an SIA security licence is £220. This is valid for three years. The cost [...]

Reasons Why Your SIA Licence can Be Refused

When applying for an SIA licence, you may face certain obstacles, one of which is the risk of being refused a licence by the SIA, but why would you be refused? Here we discuss the reasons why you [...]

Surveillance in the Work Place

It may seem strange that having been trained to work in an industry that prides itself on honesty and a fully transparent relationship with employees, problems of internal monitoring will one day [...]

SIA Licence Holders ‘Critical Workers’ During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Earlier this week, the UK government announced a nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of the coronavirus and those who are considered “key workers” should be allowed to travel for [...]

Physical Intervention Training – What is it?

SIA Training consists of numerous modules, one of those includes Physical Intervention Training. This part of the course is aimed at providing professionals and SIA candidates with a large range [...]

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